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Religious Education at Scunthorpe Church Of England Primary


Intent: Why ...

Implementation : How we teach RE ...

We therefore teach R.E. to enable children to have factual, well-informed knowledge and understanding of world religions and world views so that children develop their ability to hold balanced and well-informed conversations about religions and beliefs, and to show acceptance and respect of world faiths and world-views. ​

We do this through planned opportunities, cross curricula where appropriate, that provide a range of different learning opportunities such as visits, videos, artefacts, discussion, role-play/drama, immersive experiences and use of religious texts. ​

At Scunthorpe Church of England Primary School RE is taught​

By following Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus 2018-2022 with Understanding Christianity. In the Early Years Unit, the foundations of RE are planned through continuous provision and adult led activities. There are opportunities for Understanding Christianity to be used within the Foundation unit. ​

Our aim for RE is for children to​

  • Learn through creative teaching where children enjoy memorable lessons.​

  • Be able to have well-informed discussion about world faiths and world views​

  • Show sensitivity, tolerance and respect to world faiths and views. ​

  • Reflect and ask sensitive and respectful questions about world faiths and views. ​

  • Have the knowledge and skills to be part of a community and society that has many world faiths and world views. ​

  • Have deep knowledge of what faiths and non-faiths believe and how faiths and non-faiths live and what they think and feel about this while being respectful and tolerant. ​

  • Our children will understand that religion is different for each person regardless of their faith or world view. ​


RE Across our School

Policy and Long Term Plan

Interfaith Week at Scunthorpe Church of England Primary School

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