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Description: http://butterflyplayschool.doomby.com/medias/images/play-learn-and-grow-together-clipart-jpg.jpgHere at Scunthorpe Church of England Primary School we work hard to make sure that the teaching and learning meets the needs of all our children. The National Curriculum is the minimum we are required to teach. Please see Our Curriculum here on the website.

You will be given information  setting out what your child will need to know, to understand and to apply to their learning so that they reach their age related expectations by the end of the school year.

At the end of the autumn term you will be invited to a celebration of what your child has been doing since the start of the school year along with the opportunity to visit their classroom, look at their work and have a chat with their teacher.

In response to what you have said, we now have   formal parents meetings during the day.

In February you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s class teacher to talk about your child’s progress.

In July you will again be invited into  your child’s classroom. You will receive your child’s end of year report at the end of the summer term. 

Although these meetings are at set times during the school year we want you to feel that you can talk to us at any time about your child, it is very important that we all work together, after all, we all want the very best for the children at Scunthorpe Church of England Primary School.

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