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In our fight against COVID 19 we need your help to continue to  keep our school community COVID free. The council have asked that our parents begin to test at home. 

As of this week you will be able to collect COVID tests from our school office. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Getting Active 2021

On Friday 30th April we raised our heart rates when we all took part in a silent disco. Click on the 'About Us' tab and then go to PE Premium to see more of our day. 

Disco 4 use

Working with our local Visual Arts Centre 20-21

Year 4 took part in a Paul Klee workshop in April . We worked in the style of the artist Paul Klee who combined watercolour and oil pastel . We had been learning about the sea 'Blue Abyss' in science and so it was great to create our own fishy work.  


School Prayers

Each week our children write a prayer for our wonderful  Key Workers.

Scroll down if you would like to join us in prayer.  


Dear Lord, 

Please protect our doctors and nurses as they strive to keep sick people safe every day.

Help all the patients who are suffering with Covid19 to find the strength to recover.

Give them the courage to stay loyal to their jobs and stay brave.

Send love and hope to all the families 

Please send happiness to all who Covid19 affects.


Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 13.50.57Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 13.52.22IMG_2169Prayer 9th April Prayer week 3
Candle worship use this oneForge

This Harvest Time we worked as a school to make a difference to our community. We have harvested warm clothes, sleeping bags ,tents toothpaste and toothbrushes to help the homeless people that we have seen on the streets near our school. We will be donating our Harvest to the Forge, a local charity who work with the homeless. We are proud of ourselves as  we actioned our compassion value. 

Elf Run 1(1)

Dec 2019... we completed a sponsered run in aid of our local hospice- Lindsey Lodge . Our run was an' Elf Run'. For each lap completed we were given the next part of our elf costume until we were completely 'elfed.'

Elf run 2(1)CU6(1)

Our Year 4 Children's University Passport Holders enjoyed a day at Hall Farm Learning Destination ...learning beyond our classroom walls. Please visit our Children's University page to see more photos of our day. Click on Children tab and then scroll down to Children's University 

sciece year 5 Nov 2019 2(1)

Our Year 4 scientists have been investigating gases. Here they are watching what happens when two substances have a chemical reaction -a gas escaped inflating the balloon ! 

Eid reception

We enjoyed learning about how some of our friends celebrate Eid.  Click on the Gallery tab and then Special Days to see more of our photos. 

race for life 6  front page

Our whole school took part in 'Race For Life' and raised money to  buy medical equipment and nursing care  to help beat Cancer. You can see more photos if you click on  the Gallery tab and then Special Days.

Bishop grosseteste Visit

We had a brilliant day at Bishop Grosseteste University ! Visit 'Special Days' by pressing the Gallery tab to see more photos of our day. 

Weekly Attendance



Our Target


Help us improve this next week

Our class with the best attendance this week is....

2SN with 99%


Ten minutes a day could change everything...

Our year five reading buddies are hard at work supporting younger children in the school to improve their reading. 

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We enjoy visiting our local library. 

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