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We are an inclusive Church of England school, acknowledging and celebrating the rich cultural diversity of our community. Our ethos is based on the Christian strengths that we all need to lead a good and purposeful life.

We recognise that all of our children have immeasurable potential and within the context of Christian beliefs and practices we recognise our responsibility to ensure that children are given every opportunity to discover and develop this potential –to flourish as successful individuals. We will endeavour to achieve this by providing an environment of respect and trust, an environment with high expectations to support the full development of the individual, an environment that allows recognition of potential beyond the academic; an environment where pupils can demonstrate a love of learning, a love of life – a place for them to thrive and shine within a Christian setting.

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Merry Christmas from all of the children at Scunthorpe Church of England Primary. 


In our worship time this week we lit the first candle of Advent

Reception Bay Tree 1(2)

Our Reception class  were invited to sing Christmas carols at  Bay Tree Court. 

Weekly Attendance



Our Target


Help us improve this next week

Our class with the best attendance this week is....

Year 1 with 97%


Ten minutes a day could change everything...

Our year five reading buddies are hard at work supporting younger children in the school to improve their reading. 

This week our Foundation parents joined us for an interactive reading breakfast. 

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We enjoy visiting our local library. 

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