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We are an inclusive and caring church school family that provides a place of acceptance and hope in our community. We recognise that everyone has immeasurable potential, the chance to shine, and we courageously strive to pursue excellence in all that  we do.  We seek to equip all members of our school community to respond positively to life's challenges from both sides of our blue fence and to feel ambitious and hopeful for the future.


Do your little bit of good where you are ; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. Desmond Tu Tu.


Our values can be seen in action by what we say and how we behave. Our school values are : Compassion, Courage, Tolerance, Thankfulness, Justice and Hope. 


This Harvest Time we worked as a school to make a difference to our community. We have harvested warm clothes, sleeping bags ,tents toothpaste and toothbrushes to help the homeless people that we have seen on the streets near our school. We will be donating our Harvest to the Forge, a local charity who work with the homeless. We are proud of ourselves as  we actioned our compassion value. 

HS March the deep 4

Year 2 had lots of 'WOW' moments when they visited The Deep aquarium in Hull this week. Look at more of our photographs by visiting our class page.

Reception pirate day 2019(2)

Reception had a Pirate Day this week. Have a look at our class page found on the 'Children' tab ...then click on 'Classes' to see more photos. 

dance show 1

This week our Dance Club took part in an inter schools dance competition. We had a great time and impressed everyone who came to watch! Find more photos by clicking on our 'Gallery' tab and then visit  'Special Days'


nursery 2 fire (1)

We had an exciting visit from the Fire Brigade! Please visit our class page by clicking the 'Children 'tab  then click on  Mrs Lawton , Miss Storer class  tab to see more photos. 


Our Year 4 Children's University Passport Holders enjoyed a day at Hall Farm Learning Destination ...learning beyond our classroom walls. Please visit our Children's University page to see more photos of our day. Click on Children tab and then scroll down to Children's University 

science year 4 June 5

Our Year 4 scientists have been creating their own potions and managed to formulate potions that created enough gas to blow up a balloon, potions that fizzed and one that was a solid and a liquid at the same time ! Visit our class page to see more  science lesson photos. 

Eid reception

We enjoyed learning about how some of our friends celebrate Eid.  Click on the Gallery tab and then Special Days to see more of our photos. 

race for life 6  front page

Our whole school took part in 'Race For Life' and raised money to  buy medical equipment and nursing care  to help beat Cancer. You can see more photos if you click on  the Gallery tab and then Special Days.

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4PG with 100%


Ten minutes a day could change everything...

Our year five reading buddies are hard at work supporting younger children in the school to improve their reading. 

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We enjoy visiting our local library. 

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