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Interfaith Week at Scunthorpe Church of England Primary School

During Inter Faith week at Scunthorpe C of E Primary School we explored different faiths. The children considered what it's like going to an inter faith school.

 In KS1 the children tasted international cuisines and considered how being different is important. 

In KS2 the children expressed through art what it is like to be at an interfaith school.

Take a look at some of our wonderful work. 


year 1 food tasting

Year 1

year 1(1)

Year 1 learnt that even though we look different and have different beliefs, we are still part of one school family. 

Year 2

Year 2 thought about what we celebrate and learn about at school and how we are all special, kind, amazing and different in our own way. 


Year 3

Year 3 created their own interfaith trees and added special religious symbols and words to show our interfaith school values. 

Year 5

Year 5 wrote about the fantastic artwork they created.

Year 4

In Year 4 the children created a silhouette of their school. They then looked at different faiths within their community. They showed this through their art work and wrote what inter-faith meant to them. 

Year 6

Year 6 learnt and talked about how we are all equal even when we have different beliefs and religions. 

School Council

Islamic Centre

Some of the school councillors went to The Islamic Centre as part of Inter-faith week. Inside this beautiful building we learnt about the muslim faith and our very own Abubakhr assisted the Imam by demonstrating the different positions for prayer. There was food and we talked to the different faith leaders who were also there to learn about the muslim faith.

Visiting the University of North Lincolnshire

The school council members who are working on Inter-faith week went to the UCNL (University of North Lincolnshire) to be part of an exhibition from many other faiths and services as part of the special weeks’ celebrations.

They spent several hours today talking to lots of people about what it is like attending an Inter-faith school. They were amazing, and we had so many compliments about how polite, knowledgeable and approachable they were. They were given a tour of the building and got to try out some of the facilities available.

We have made some contacts with staff and hope to work with the university on different projects too. They made me very proud to be the head teacher of such an amazing school.

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