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History at Scunthorpe Church Of England Primary School

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Our Rationale.


History is taught as part of a half termly project, focusing on knowledge and skills stated in the National Curriculum. At Scunthorpe C of E, opportunities for the application of maths and literacy are clearly planned for in fortnightly morning history lessons.  Key vocabulary is taught at the start of the project and then referred to throughout their work.

Children are given a wide range of experiences and resources as a stimulus for each project. Children are encouraged to ask and answer questions as well as selecting and recording information.

Wherever possible, we plan first-hand experiences for the children, including the use of artefacts, photographs, school records, visits to buildings and sites of historical interest and oral accounts from visitors to school. Teachers use a variety of approaches to encourage and enthuse the children, including role play, presentations and drama, individual, paired and group activities, discussions and debates.


What history learning looks like in our school.

Policies and Important Documents

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