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Art and Design at Scunthorpe Church Of England Primary

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At Scunthorpe C of E we aim to ensure all our artists:

  • Develop creativity and imagination through a range of activities.
  • Foster an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts, and a knowledge of artists, craftspeople, and designers; understanding the historical development
  • Appreciate and evaluate works of art from their own and other cultures.
  • Develop skills in a range of materials and techniques.
  • Record from first-hand experiences and from imagination, and to select own ideas and use in their work;
  • Learn how to use tools and materials safely and responsibly
  • Develop an age appropriate level of technical vocabulary to help them understand and discuss their own work and that of others
  • Be given opportunities to attend educational visits to galleries and museums.
  • Be given the opportunity to develop in sketching from real life, on visits and from still life set ups.
  • Work independently and with others


We have a well structures]d and progressive curriculum with clear links to artists, craft makers, designers and architects from a wide range of cultures and from different periods of time.  The children are taught Art as part of their termly theme work. This has been planned out with progression and coverage of skills embedded. They are taught in class groups, in a supportive environment where experimenting and risk taking are encouraged, ensuring there is no limit to their potential in achieving high outcomes whatever their starting point.  The work of famous local, national and international artists are explored to enhance the children's learning and understanding of the visual arts.  

Art around our School

Policies and Important Document

Working with our local Art Gallery 20-21

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