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Mental Health Champions

Meet our Mental Health Champions

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About us

The year six students have now completed their training to become mental health champions for their peers.

The children have learned how to communicate effectively and use active listening to really understand others and show compassion and kindness to their peers.

They have participated in activities and debates in order to learn about tolerance and how to be less judgemental, we have looked at how life experiences can shape perspective and world views. The children have learned how to look after their own mental health using a range of different selfcare techniques including, mindfulness and gratitude.

We have discussed common worries and fears amongst young people and how to deal with anxiety, this will hopefully enable the children to give advice and support to classmates who may be struggling.

The children have worked through various scenarios to enhance their conflict resolution skills as they are working to become playground buddies.

We continue to meet every Friday to further enhance skills and discuss opportunities to help throughout school. This is an exciting opportunity for the year 6 pupils who hope to make a difference in school and promote positive mental health strategies.

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