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The Invisible String Story Time.wmvCoronavirus book for children

Coronavirus - you may have heard people talking about it or you might of heard about it on the news. It is the reason why we can’t go outside very often or visit our friends. Below is a link to a book about Coronavirus that will teach you more about it.

Maths Activities

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Home Reading

Hi Scunthorpe C of E! Lots of you have been telling your teachers you've finished your reading books. Below is a link to David Walliam's website where you can listen to him reading some of his best stories. Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun! Or catch up on any audio stories you missed - the audio recordings will be available until Sunday.

ElevensesDavid Walliams

Once you have listened to David Walliam's click on the link below and choose yourself a  reading book, some books  are audio and so you can listen to the story being read to you! 

Please contact school or mail your class teacher on your class learning page to collect your password. 


Once you have collected your password click on the School Owl page -enjoy!! 



Keeping Active at Home

It is important to keep active whilst you are at home so have a go at these Get Ahead activities that Mrs Lefley has made.

Virtual Tour of Chester Zoo

Hi Scunthorpe C of E! Who wants to go to the zoo today? Watch the videos below and Chester Zoo will take you on a virtual tour of the zoo.

chester zooChester Zoo on intro Watch.wmvChester Zoo on Facebook Watch red pandas.wmvChester Zoo giraffe.wmvChester Zoo on Elephants.wmvChester Zoo on Fbutterfly house.wmvChester Zoo tiger.wmvChester Zoo penguins.wmvChester Zoo bears.wmv

Lego Challenge

Lego 30 day challenge

Learning Activities

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Below is a link that will support your child to access online learning http://padlet.com/ScunthorpeCofE/scunthorpecofe

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