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Welcome to Year 5 PG

Mr Gray

PE – is on a Monday and Tuesday

Please come to school in your school PE kit on a Monday and Tuesday.

Homework – Friday

Homework is given to the children to take home every Friday night.  Homework is spellings, TTrock star and reading. Please return work the following Friday

Reading - everyday

Reading for pleasue is completed in school on a Friday. If your child would like to take a book home they can on a Friday and return it the following Friday. We would love it if you could find 10 minutes every day to read with your child.  

Bedtime stories are a great way to introduce your child to new books and authors.  You are never too old for a story!  If you don’t have any books at home, you can join the library for free!  Your child can also use the computers for half an hour for free at the library. 

After school clubs –   Football -     Thursday

                               Gardening   Thursday

                               Singing      Tuesday

These clubs will change in Spring 1. If the clubs are full why not wait and try some of our new clubs after Christmas! 

Spring 2022 Newsletter

Class Photos


Extracting DNA from a Strawberry!

We have been extracting the DNA from a Strawberry! 

Screenshot 2022-02-02 120335

In Year 5 we have been learning abour the polar lands  and have  been looking closely at photographs of icebergs. In art we have worked on capturing the tonal colours  of the icebergs. 

Dress To Express...

Science Week March 2022 and we were faced with the challenge to build a wind powered model that will lift a glue stick from the desk. 

Screenshot 2022-03-16 143944

We won the Attendance Cup...!

Drama ... we acted out a scene fram Rose Blanche a book that we are studying in literacy. 

Forces and Affect Experiment

We have been looking at forces and the affect of gravity on different objects from a set height

Screenshot 2022-02-02 120416

We have been learning about Climate Zones and have been using our atlases to locate which climate zone our food originates from. We enjoyed a good taste session too- who knew that passion fruit was from Cameroon!!

We designed and created a space themed stuffed toy. We learnt to use blanket stitch to fasten the fabric together. 

Celebrating Eid in school today. 

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