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Spring Term


Following on from our Jigsaw work last week - Reception have been working hard on setting themselves goals and working together to achieve them. I set them a challenge to build a tower using spaghetti and blutac... It was tricky!! The children have really enjoyed using the stacker cups, lots of talk and compromise to build the tallest tower

Shapes with 4 sided

In maths Reception have been learning about shapes with 4 sides. The children found it great fun finding squares and rectangles around the classroom. I wonder if they could find any at home? Please post on Tapestry any shapes they find around the house.

Tracks and Trails

Starting our 'tracks and trails' theme Reception this week have been exploring planet earth through google earth, we zoomed in to find England and then talked about were we all live in Scunthorpe. We learnt about maps and went looking for some features from our school map.

Purple Mash

Today Reception continued their learning on Purple Mash - our IT program. The children could all use their own passwords to login. They could follow instructions and explore different locations in simple city program

Handas Surprise

Reception have started to learn the story 'Handa's Surprise' They have created African necklaces, practiced balancing fruit on their head like Handa did in the story and made African animal masks.


Reception are artists!... Last week we continued our work on Handa's surprise, looking at the fruits, drawing them with a range of materials and then tasting them.


This was Reception enjoying the snow last Friday! Followed by hot chocolate to warm us back up 🙂

Balance Bikes

The children loved this... and worked hard to balance on the bikes. We will have another session in 2 weeks before Easter. This helps us develop our core muscles and strength


Number 1

Nursery have been learning about the number 1 and looking at the story “ Dear Zoo”. It has 1 of lots of animals

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