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Autumn Reception

Our First Week

We have had a very busy first week in Reception! 

Making Playdough

Reception are great helpers are making playdough - measuring ingredients and follow instructions. 

Finding 1

The children have been learning about 1, the numeral, what 1 can look like in all sorts of different ways. They found the numeral 1 and found 1 object about the classroom. 

Trim Trail

What do we want to be when we grow up!

The children made a short video of what they would like to be... They used their big voices and loved watching it back on the whiteboard. Here are some pictures of what they would like to be... they even made their own hats! 

Leaf Man!

Reception have been listening to the Leaf Man story this week - as we are learning all about Autumn. They created their very own leaf man / women.... I was so proud of how much thought and consideration they put into this creative activity

Pumpkin Soup


Autumn has arrived

Autumn has arrived in Foundation. The children have engaged with some lovely activities this week so far - we have talked about the changes outside and why it is happening. We went on an Autumn walk, collecting leaves, twigs and conkers! Using what we have found the children have been creating leaf rubbings and leave prints. They have been using the tweezers to pick up the conkers and filling different size/ shaped containers. Our maths learning this week is all about repeating patterns.

Making Autumn Biscuits

Making biscuits. In Reception made their own leaf biscuits. This was great fun, with lots of learning about measuring, following instructions, what happens to ingredients when mixed together, and of course getting to taste the finish product.

Autumn Nursery!

We have been sorting!

Wake and Shake!

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