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Autumn Reception

Getting to know our new friends/ The Colour Monster

In Reception during this term we have spent time getting to know all of our new friends, playing games, sharing and building relationships. We have been learning about feelings, we read 'the colour monster' story and talked about how our feelings can be shown in different colours. The children then painted the different colour monsters. We have talked lots about what makes us unique and how all our families are different. We have shared photographs of ourselves when we were babies and about who we live with. The children have created lots of wonderful creative pieces around their families. They have used lots of different media - paint, chalk and pens.

Autumn Activities

During this term we have been learning about Autumn. The children noticed the leaves had started to fall off the trees, we explored this and went on an Autumn hunt. The children found sticks, different sizes and colours of leaves, conkers and pine cones. 

Using the leaves that we found we taught the children how to create a leaf rubbing. Having so many natural objects in the classroom also supported out maths learning about patterns. We had patterns all over the classroom using all the found objects.


After reading the story 'The Leaf Man' some children chose to make their own leaf person or leaf monster! 

Starting Phonics

We have started to learn to read in Reception - we have learnt lots of new graphemes over the Autumn term. During our play we have been practicing writing what these graphemes look like. Can you spot the 'm' 'p' 's' ?

Autumn Biscuits

We also followed instructions and a spoon recipe to make autumn biscuits. The children counted and checked the recipe, they waited their turn and worked together to mix the ingredients together with their spoon and then their hands! After the dough had chilled they used the rolling pins and cutters to create their own autumn leaf biscuits. They were delicious!

Autumn Nursery!

We have been learning about Autumn!


We learnt about Bonfire Night and Fireworks

We love learning outside!

Christmas Carols


EYFS Christmas
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